Deforestation. Deforestation is the full or large scale removal of a forest. Causes. Cultivation. Overgrazing. Fuel wood. Forest fires. Timber. Forest diseases. Landslides. Causes. Effects. Flooding and Cyclones. Solutions. More information can be found here.

Population increase. Industrialization. Urbanization. Road Construction. Mining.

Overgrazing Fuel wood Forest fires Timber Forest disease Landslides.

Overgrazing in forests destroyes newly regenenerated growth. It also makes soil more compact and impervious. Overgrazing also accelerates the soil erosion.

Deforestation due to land slides in the hills is of great. Developmental activities were in progress for past few decades.

Source for fiber, material that is used to weave baskets, ropes, nets, string and other items of utility. Medicinal plants that are used to extract traditional medicines. Consumer goods such as paper pulp. Mining for metals such as gold, copper or aluminum clears large tracts of natural forests. Hydroelestric dams. Road Building.

Deforestation has many environmentally damaging side effects. Including climate change. Destruction of millions of species. The greenhouse effect.

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