Digital Security

Section 1 computer viruses – protecting your pc. Task 1 Computer Viruses. Task 2 How Viruses Spread. Task 3 Removing Viruses. Task 4 Preventing infection. Task 5 Trojans, Worms & Spyware. Task 6 Legislation. Section 2 information security – protecting against crime. Task 1 Introduction. Task 2 Data Theft. Task 3 Computer Fraud & Piracy. Task 4 Protecting IT Systems. Task 5 Legislation. Section 3 information security – protecting it systems. Task 1 Physical Risks & Methods of Protection. Task 2 Logical Methods of Protection. Task 3 Back Ups. Task 4 Firewalls, Encryption & Anti-Spyware. Task 5 Access Rights & User IDs / Passwords. Task 2 Revision Questions.

For extra information you can go to these links as well.

Can viruses cause damage to computer hardware?

It is also possible to load an infected file into your computer from a storage device. Give an example of 2 storage devices.

Using antivirus software to scan your system daily or weekly

Use special filtering software to prevent automatic download of computer program.

Match up the software pests with their description below.

This is a type of software pest that can spread through a computer network making the network very slow.

Give an example of 4 physical ways in which a company can protect their IT systems & data?

What is the name for the computer legislation passed in 1990 to deal with crimes such as hacking, computer fraud & viruses?

Computer fraud: penalty is an unlimited fine and maximum five year prison sentence.

What is the name for the process of copying data to another location and storing it securely called?

Keep back up data a different place

What is a firewall? Explain briefly in your own words:

What is encryption? Explain briefly in your own words:

What does anti-spyware software do? Explain briefly in your own words:

Who would have more access rights – a data operator or a data supervisor?

Password memorial word, when you use every time.

As a user, give 3 examples of how you can protect your password:

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