Dinozaurai skaidrės anglų kalba

Angliskai apie dinozaurus pradinukams. Rašinėlis angliškai apie dinozaurus (angliskai).

Dinosaurs. What were dinosaurs? Who was the first who coined the word dinosaur? Nourishment of dinosaurs. Appearance of dinosaur. Tyrannosaurus. Zauropodus. Pteranodon. Stegosaurus. Diplodocus. Velociraptor. Archaeopteryx. Why dinosaurs died out?

Dinosaurs were reptiles. They had bony skeletons and horny in texture, thick skin. So far found more than 500 dinosaur species, and apparently they will be detected much more. They ranged from 1m to 30m or more in length. All dinosaurs lived in land, sea and put eggs.

The word "dinosaur", which means "terrible lizard", first coined in 1842 Richard Owen, one of the first reptile specialist.

As with the current large animals many dinosaurs were herbivors. Bigger Dinosaurs than tyranosaurs hunted and killed other animals. Smaller dinozaurs who were eating meat killed in a groups.

They lived in North America and East Asia. They ate other big dinosaurs. All tyrannosaurus name is – Tyrannosaurus rex its mean tyrannical reptilies king. Tyrannosaurus head was 1,2m long and had 50 dagger shaped teeth.

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