Disasters nelaimės anglų skaidrės

Disasters. Flood. Flood photos. Volcanic eruption. Volcanic eruption photos. Tsunami. Tsunami photo. Tornado. Tornado photos. Earthquake. Earthquake photos. Drought. Drought photo. Sandstorm. Sandstorm photos. Famine. Famine photos.

Through last 2500 years was 368 tsunami. Observe, as 85% all tsunami was the Pacific, also, only 30 from their to make vulcanic eruption, or earthquake.

Tornado – strongly turning air column, whereof power connective with ground. Tornado often look how small woolpack set funnel or pole. From one cloud can descend together several whirpool.

Different region this movement there is errafic speed. Of daily happen hundred earthquake, but feeble people the very unfeeling. Earthquake to make o human works ravage.

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  • Disasters nelaimės anglų skaidrės
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