Origin of the perfume and few interesting facts about it. Origin of the perfume is really interesting. In past only balsams with scent and insences where known. In old times. All of these scented components were mashed and sieved. Perfumery world flipped. The most popular perfume in 20th century. Some of the most famous perfume Elegant CHANEL Chanel No. The most appealing Guerlain „Shalimar“. Mystery jean patou. Sandalwood scent is called all scents quintessence. Attention! Perfume gets old just like any other makeup. Thank you for your attention !

Origin of the perfume is really interesting, there is a lot of rumors about it. It is associated with religion and rich people beauty rituals. Also, it is associated with past curing methods, traders stories and mysterious manor stories. Still, the point it - perfume is really important for all people. But what does "perfume" mean? Word is started using only at XVI century and translating it from the Latin language "fumos" means smoke, exhalation, while whole word "perfumery" - is making air smell by pressing.

In past only balsams with scent and insences where known. It has been selled in Egypt, Babylon, India, Syria and other countries, where scent fulfilled products were made, e.g. rose water. At that time in old Greece, mostly popular were balsams, made from wood pitch mixed with oils, that were gained from flowers.

In old times Egyptians were mixing a lot of different scented body oils and balsams, and this way they created at that time mostly known perfume "kyphi", which had even sixteen vegetable components : myrrh-(miros), juniper berries(-kadagių uogos), ferula seed-(ferulos sėklos), tree pitch and nuts, papyrus and etc.

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