Do Men and Women Talk Differently?

Argumentative essay Do Men and Women Talk Differently.

Men and women are definitely different when it comes to biology, but it can also be argued that they differ even when speaking from a psychological or from a linguistic perspective, which is the most relevant to this essay. According to Lakoff (1973: 49), who was one of the first scientists to analyse the distinction between male and female verbal communication, women tend to use different words in their vocabulary than men and vice versa. Her findings back in 1973, however, were based on observation and now, more than 40 years later, numerous research has been done to establish whether the difference between male and female speech really exists. After observing the verbal behaviour of representatives of both sexes, different researchers have presented different findings. However, the recurring opinion seems to be that there are differences in communication of the two sexes. This essay aims to prove that these differences exist.

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