Does computers smart enough to teach us?

Does computers smart enough to teach us? I think yes. In 21st century it’s so developed, that we need only press few buttons, to make important things.

Although the equipment is very advanced, it couldn’t teach us. Because when someone explains for you in real life any subject, we learning better, we can keep information in our heads for longer time. Hearing information from teacher, not from computers is much more valuable and useful. Of course there are some films, which can show us more, but we don’t need just stare at screen. For example in our school are interactive boards, which shows information, also teacher can write on it.

For us theory is not enough, we need detailed explanation, easier for us to understand. That’s what teachers are doing.

If computer would teach us, we wouldn’t know how to communicate with other people. But teachers teach us manners, how to communicate with people, how to listen and understand them. Computers can’t explain that.

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  • Does computers smart enough to teach us?
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