Doing business in Slovakia

Anglų skaidrės. Doing business in Slovakia. The Slovak republic is situated in the heart of Europe. About Slovakia. In 1918, Czechoslovakia was created In. History. Folk arts and crafts, which include wood carving. Culture. In Slovakia are. Legends. Art. Architecture. National dish and. Food. Landscape. Citizens of European. Employnment. Automotive Industry Education & Skills Clothing and fashion Water Environment Food and drink. Business oportunities. Slovakia has a fairly formal and traditional business culture. Business culture. Many of the people in management positions in the Slovak Republic are multilingual. Language.

In 1918, Czechoslovakia was created In 1989, the Soviet era ended, and Czechoslovakia became a democratic state. Slovakia and Czech Republic went their separate ways in 1993, and Slovakia was finally independent. In 2004, Slovakia became a member of both the European Union and NATO.

In Slovakia are many gothic churches, medieval towns, torture inventions, as well as majestic mountains and looming castles along landscapes. There are a big list of creepy legends surrounding them.

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  • Doing business in Slovakia
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