Dream House

Would you rather live in the centre of big town or province name advantages and disadvantages of bouth. If your hometown an attractive place to live ? What would you do to make it better.

Describe your dream house ( location, surrroundings, exterior, interior, amenities, details) What things would you like to change to improve your present room, flat or house?

My dream house is in capital city of France in Paris. I live in a residential area in the city centre near a catherder Notre Dame. From my window I can see a river Siene and also near my house where is a park in whiich I go for a walk with my dog. Also near my house there is a small bakery. Every morning in here I have very tasty breakfast. There is very comfortable to live, because near my flat there are metropolitan, so I can drive by it everywhere I want. Also I live in the city centre so about communication therarent a problem. Near me there is a hospital, some shops, school, university.

I live in a five-storey block of houses building in the latest floor. This block of houses is antiend from red tyles with huge windows, and everyone have a balcony.

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