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Anglų esė. Druskininkai. Treatment and health improvement. Interesting places to visit. The Museums. Ask questions about text “Druskininkai”. Fill in the correct word from the list below. Answers.

2. What is the distance in metres between the town of Druskininkai and the capital Vilnius?

4. Why do people go to the town of Druskininkai?

9. Where can people find the Alka mount and the Church hill?

10. Which museum is the most famous and most popular in Druskininkai? What can people see there ?

11. Where is the Memorial Museum of M.K. Čiurlionis located?

12. Where can people see wooden artworks and jewellery works ?

13. What object is located on the shore of Lake Druskonis? What happens there nowadays?

Druskininkai residents resort slightly church legend originate thousand growing hunting region hawk riverbank sprung up popularity somewhat

The town Druskininkai attract a lot of tourists, because there is a lot of interesting places, spa centers, museums

The Memorial Museum of M.K. Čiurlionis is established in two his parent`s houses.

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