E-books skaidrės apie e-knygas

Advantage of a e-books. E-books changed the world. E-book sales overtake paperbacks for the first time. The library demand more e-books. E-books takes the advantage of the new technology. The disadvantage of the e-book. More about literacy. Future of literacy in a digital era (cont‘dSharing limitation. Libaries disadvantage. References.

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E-books have the advantage of a tiny footprint and intant delivery. Kindle and iPad reading e-books has become cool.

Technology and Internet have changed things upside down in a a lot of verticals. E-booke readers are spreading the culture of reading e-books like wildfire. Internet is by far the cheapest yet the most efficient distribution system with a global reach ofr digital products.

E-books takes the advantage of the new technology.

Five things you can do with a book but not with an eBook. Swat that annoying fly crawling on your arm at the beach. Add it to your collection of favourites to be flicked through at leisure. Lend it to your mates so they enjoy it too. Jot down the mobile number of the person you were flirtng with on the train on the inside cover. Read it on the loo without risking a costly accident.

E-books and soft tware can easily track data, times, usage, pages, and details about what one is reading and how of ten.

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