Earning and spending money

Earning and spending money monologue. Monologue earning and spending money. Anglu rašinys should teenagers have part- time jobs. Part time jobs pavyzdžiai. Topic earning and spending money mokslobaze. Jobs for teenagers rasinys. Monologe earning and spending money. Earning and spending mkney. Earning spending money monologue. Anglu kalba spending money.

Earning and spending money.

I will talk about The survey showed that the majority of teenagers prefer to wash cars to earn money, and the smallest part said, that they would babysit. Personally, I would prefer baby sitting, because it is easy and fun way to earn some cash.

I had 2 part-time jobs. The first was in my friend’s moms café, I was a waiter, and I don’t really liked this job, because it was very exhausting, and low-paid, so I quit it, because then I scraped together every penny.The second part-time job I had, was in model casting, my friend invited me and my classmate to help her and earn some money. We just sat in registration and gave models their numbers and it took only two hours to make enough money.

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  • Earning and spending money
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