Earth problems

Global warming skaidres. Global warming how to help rašinys. Global warming mokslo baze. Rasinys global warming. Anglu ese global warming. Rubbish rasinys. The reason for global warming anglu rasinys. Earth problems rasinys.

Our precious earth. Problems. Global warming. What can we do to help? The ozone. What can we do to help ? Rubbish, rubbish everywhere.

Global warming is a very serious problem. Some people would call global warming just a theory, but others would call it a proven set of facts.

more and more people are talking about fact that the ozone layer is disappearing. The Ozone layer content decreased in a few decades. This has a negative inpact on all nature. For this reason we are responsible. People are using things which harm ozone. So, what can we do to help?

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  • Earth problems
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