Easter day

Easter day. By Aiste Paulauskyte, Auguste Paulauskyte 1b. Easter before. Easter before, I and my sister cleaned the room and closet. Home decorations. Later we. Easter eggs. The next day. Easter morning. Our family has a tradition of celebrating at Christmas with aunt. Easter table. And Aiste. Easter games. At the table, picked after all Easter eggs and pummeled them. Conclusion. We had a. Thanks for your attention.

Later, we decorated the house. In the living room and our room soak tree branch. The living room was higher and adorned with decorative Easter eggs. In the kitchen and the corridor hung a few Easter eggs.

The next day we painted Easter eggs. Mom painted eggs with onion shells, I and my sister painted with wax.

I and Aiste covered table, but as always it was difficult to accommodate everyone at the table.

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