Eating habits essay

Eating habits essay.

When I think of a healthy diet, the first thought that comes to my mind is: no candy and fast food, but more salads and vegan food. But to stop eating junk food and eat only healthy is very difficult, but very beneficial for our body. If a person eats healthy and gets all the vitamins they need during the day, then the immune system gets better, which means less chance of getting sick. And a useful vitamins such as vitamin C, A or B can be found in lemons, carrots, salads and many other fruits or vegetables that we can buy in stores or find in our garden. Also, if you want to make your organism stronger, it is necessary to be outside and exercise, because when you are outdoors, you receive vitamin D from the sun and while exercising you improve physical condition which reduces the chances of being obese.

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  • Eating habits essay
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