Ecological problems anglų rašinys esė

Ecological problems.

The subject of this report is In my opinion, this theme should be important for every person because we meet these global problems every day and every minute. There are so many people using the natural resources of the world and ecology has become an important concern. Interest in ecological problems grows very fast, so everybody must know the basic facts. The increase in pollution made society change its attitude towards nature. Our health depends on surroundings we live in, so we must do our best to breathe fresher air, bathe in cleaner water, because our health is the much more important value in life than such things like money or other financial resources. It is natural because nature resources are decreasing; the ozone layer is thinning every minute. Nearly everything on the Earth (the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat) is badly polluted.

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  • Ecological problems anglų rašinys esė
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