Ecology problems

Ecology problems. Air pollution. Carbon monoxide CO. Earth pollution. Water pollution. World Cultural and Natural Heritage Convention.

Natural, pure waters of mineral elements is enough, except for phosphorus and nitrogen. Their disadvantage is often the factor that limits the growth of primary production of aquatic ecosystems.

Domestic food and industrial waste water, sewage and fertilizers washed from fields brings into rivers and lakes rich in organic waste and materials needed for plants. Decomposition of organic waste, phosphorus, nitrogen and other elements is steadily increasing. The disappearance of nitrogen and phosphorus deficiency begins to grow luxuriantly rapidly spreading algae and higher plants. Herbivores no longer consume all primary production and organic matter deposited in excess įdugną. Water body begins to grow rapidly, its coastline dumblėja. Such a body known as the enrichment of nutrients eutorofikacija.

Eutrophication is experiencing many of our country's rivers and lakes. Poor ecological situation in the Curonian Lagoon to the Nemunas pollutants flowing almost all of Lithuania. In the summer, when the temperature stabilizes favorable and sufficient solar radiation, contaminated waters sudden green algae and cyanobacteria multiplication, called water blooms.

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