Ecopetrol analysis

Finansų analizė.

Company’s characteristic. Analysis of company’s financial statements. Vertical income statement. Horizontal income statement. Balance sheet. Cash flow. Analysis of financial ratios. Suggestions for company. Main results. Literature. Appendixes. Team work explanation.

Company future plan is how they that it’s not enough and that they cannot settle for what has been built. They have a huge responsibility to our shareholders, with all the other stakeholders and to the future generations of Colombians who need Ecopetrol to keep growing and contributing to the growth of our country.

Looking at the 4 years comparison (from years 2009 and 2012) of ,,ECOPETROL“ cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year, we see that sums are different – they are not only growing or decreasing, they are varying. At the end of 2009 sum was 2286996 (In million of Colombian pesos). In 2010 it was 1592083 million of Colombian pesos, and that means that it decreased by 30,39%. While second years were much better - cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year was 2995117, and that shows an increase by even 88,13%. Period till the end of 2012 was very good – sum increased 35,66% and it was 4063131 millions of Colombian pesos.

Analyzing changes in operating activities, period from the end of 2009 till the end of 2010 was best period in this 4 years time. Net cash provided in operating activities increased by 73.17%, from 7,495,493 millions of Colombian pesos to 12,979,731. The main thing why is reduction in property, equipment and plant. Net income in this period grew by almost 60%. Through period till 2011 net cash decreased by nearly 30% and this is because company spent most of money in new inventory buying and also net income in this period decreased by 18%. Till 2012 company provided cash has decreased only 4% so we can see that situation stabilized. Company received cash mostly from provision and account receivable increased 389933%.

As we can see in figure, in 2010 company had a huge increase in investments. In another two years period till 2012 they reduced their investments, and this decision was made to natural and environmental resources and to additions to property, plant and environment investments.

And finally analyzing changes in net cash provided in financing activities we see that company last year used the biggest amount of money for this in 4 years period. This is because they used almost the biggest sums for financial obligations and payments of dividends.

Looking at current and quick liquidity ratios, company are doing very well, because oil and gas industry has quick ratio about 0, 32 (current ratio was not given).

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