Education anglų rašinys

Education rasinys. Anglu kalbejimas education. Anglų monologas education. Rasinys ed. School festivals rašinys. Anglu rasiniai education. Anglu rasinys apie atostogas palangoje. Education rasynis.

In the 21st century, when machines can do hard physical jobs, most of the humans have mential works. For this reason persons need to be broad – minded and be able to use their brains. Education and degrees of it hepls poeple to improve their intelligence and get desirable jobs.
In Lithuania twelve years secondary education is free. The first ten years are necessary for every student. If he or she has good marks after ten classes teenager will continue studies. If person don‘t want to do this, he/she must go to technical secondary school. But it doesn‘t matter in what type of school student is learning.
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