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Pre-school and pre-primary education. General education system. Primary education. Lower secondary education. Upper secondary education. Matura examinations. Post-secondary education. Vocational education. Studies in universities and colleges. Adult education. Problems with educational reform. Sources.

Lithuania has implemented a 12-year general education system. The academic year in general education schools starts on the 1st of September and the study year is divided into 2 semesters. In Lithuania, study programmes are provided by 23 colleges (10 of which are private) and 23 universities (8 of which are private). In 2009, 36,374 students were admitted to institutions of higher education: more than a half of first-year students studied free of charge. Another 15,483 admitted students pay tuition fee for their studies: 11,949 students were admitted to universities and 3,534 – to colleges. 2.4 billion litas (about 695 million euro) of EU structural funds are planned to be allocated for the development of Lithuanian higher education and research in the period from 2007 to 2013.

At least 95% of children between four years of age and the age for starting compulsory primary education should participate in early childhood education. The situation in Europe (ES-27): 90,1% (2008); in Lithuania: 65% (2008). The share of 30-34 year olds with tertiary education attainment should be at least 40%. In Europe it is (ES-27) 32.3% (2009) and in Lithuania – 40,6% (2009). An average of at least 15% of adults should participate in lifelong learning. Statistics shows that in Europe (ES-27) there is 9.3% (2009) and in Lithuania: 4.5% (2009).

In form 9 pupils are able to choose subject modules and study optional subjects following their interests and abilities.

In the table 1 there is a grading system which is used at the Secondary School.

Table 2. The usual grading system at the Secondary School Level State Exams is on a one hundred-point scale.

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