Education system in Lithuania

Education system in Lithuania.

When we talk about education in Lithuania, it has many positive qualities. The students study variety of diffrent objects, for many proffesions. However comparing to the result of present generation it is in negative status. You ask me why? Here are my arguments.

At first the education concentrates more on exact sciences, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and so on. When we talk about humans spiritual education, such as literature, history, philosophy it is in second place, because the country is developing to new era, which is called informational technological era. The country is developing in service sector but decreasing with spiritual education. Not only in Lithuania, but in America and in most parts of Europe. This is a tragic process.

People are becoming more robotic and addicted to technologies, they forget the traditional values, such as patriotism, loyalty, honor. What is more students dont value simple everyday events, such as surrounding nature, meeting and sociolising with other people.

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  • Education system in Lithuania
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