Edward de bono lateral thinking

Summary. Introduction. Lateral Thinking and Dr. de Bono. Misconceptions about Creative Thinking. Using Tools and Techniques. Concluson. Task 1. 13 new words picked up from the text. Task 2. Questions and answers. Sources.

In this part of paper I will talk about main subject, with will be from the two parts but I will try to put it in one.So, first part – creativity, second – lateral thinking. And as I have said I will not saperate these two parts I will try to put these parts in one, because these parts adds one each other, so I will talk generally, because all these two parts are not concurrented from each other.So as we have to move on, so I will start.

Of all words being said about lateral thinking and creativity we can now sum it up and say the final words. As we can see from the paper it is not easy to figure out instantly about lateral thinking and how it works and more important how to used it and apply it into your life in very different situation you had or will have in your life. But the fact is that, if you master the tools of lateral thinking and you will be a little bit spontaneous with your coming ideas, it may work for you. And most important thing, you have to use the tools properly, deliberately, step by step, and if you will do that, the new ideas becomes the best result, which will be very surprising and then you will be more motivated to think the lateral way.

Perception (is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of the environment by organizing and interpreting sensory information) – suvokimas, supratimas, įžvalga.

Non-linear (mathematic system) – netiesinė sistema.

Misconseptions (wrong thinking) – neteisingas mąstymas.

Rebels (a participants in a rebellion) – sukilėlis, maištininkas.

Confining (To keep within bounds) – apriboti, riboti.

- The main parts of lateral thinking are: the look into the situation from different view and generation the new ideas(creativity).

If you think that you are creative, and if you generate idea which is creative according you it shouldn’t be a mess, that new thing that you have created, it should have value.

Why could be bad to follow the instructor who want to develop the lateral thinking to you?

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