Egyptian Gods

Egyptian Gods. Goddess Nut. Nut was the. Goddess Tauridė. Tauridė - infants. God ra. Note - The Sun God and father of all gods. God Ptah. Ptah (of opening. God Sebek. Sebek -Nilo god. Depicted as a crocodile or a man. God Khnum. Khnum ("Creator"). God Atum. Atum - primitive. Hapi. Hapi was not the god of the river Nile but of its inundation. Demons. Demons were more powerful than human beings but not as powerful as gods.

Ptah (of opening of ") is represented by the flow of the sun or just patekėjusią sun. It belongs to the gods - developers group. Ptah - architects, painters, sculptors guardian. This god has a metal plate, which is considered a celestial paradise roof and floor.

Khnum ("creator") - an ancient deity, Lord of the cold water is closely linked to the annual Nile floods. It is the creator of what is now, and what is yet to be. Khnum created gods and clay nužiedė people. Depicted as a man, a ram's head.

Atum - primitive Egyptian sun god, the creator of the world. He is represented by the evening sun, symbolizing sunsets. Later, it was contrasted with Ra as god Atum - Ra. According to legend, it was the first entity (Hill), which emerged from the primordial waters.

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