Electronic Signature in Lithuania

Electronic signature and it’s use in Lithuania. Where to use e-signature? What is e-signature? How it is working? E-signature vs hand-written. Lithuanian law of e-signature. Certification service providers. Technical possibilities of e-signature. Advantages of using e-signature. Disadvantages of using e-signature. Some statistics and facts. Some video describing the main idea. of e-signature. Thanks for your attention!

Electronic signature and it’s use in Lithuania(Legal value, statistics, technology used, main e-signature systems, responsible institutions).

OFFICIAL INSTITUTIONS and several ways in Lithuania how to get e-signatures: 1. Department of Policy under the Ministry of Interior - provide ID cards with qualified certification of e-signature 2. Ordering in Lithuanian Centre of Registers 3. Special private companies that provide e-signature services in Lithuania, for example “Digital certification centre”, Ltd When these institutions substantiate that documents are legal of certain person, they provide e-signature within 1-2 workdays.substantiate.

The different forms of e-signatures provided: ID card (passport card of certain person) - a special card reader needed or computer with that type of reader installed USB memory (USB flash drive - data storage device) - one of the most popular. You don’t need any special reader Vide range of software All technical signature forms are equal. The type depends on users needs. The term of each signature validity is limited: digital signature certification is providef from 1 until 5 years with possibility to resume.

One of the safest way in the existing electronic identification Enable to encrypt data, later to decode by certain person Legal way acceptable by government institutions, banks, various enterprises Especially fast, pretty cheap and convenient way to sign Safety and comfort surpasses conventional passwords or card code generators Possibility to sign different types of documents - from ordinary messages to significant documents or even folders There is no one falsifying signature capture in Republic of Lithuania.

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