Emigration anglų rašinys apie emigraciją

Angliski rasiniai apie emigracija. Anglu rasinys apie emigravima. Emigrantai rasinys anglu.

Emigration anglų rašinys apie emigraciją.

On the other hand, this desire for good and well payed job can ruin someone’s lives. Sadly, but in 21th century slavery still exists. Young people tempted by easy money can fall in trap. After reading some advert, e.g. “We offer this and that job and you can earn this much money. No need to know native language” . For readers it doesn’t seem fishy, but it is. After traveling to the spot they are kidnaped and turned to slave. Males has to work hard works (in site works) for low wage or even for nothing, women has to work as prostitute and are in needs of drugs (they are forced to take drugs on start). Also, without knowledge about land and native language, it is quite hard to find job. And without well language teaching it is hard to understand what is wanted from you, of course exceptions exists. So it can be quite tricky with jobs in foreign countries.

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  • Emigration anglų rašinys apie emigraciją
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