Employee motivation first aid station control room

Abstract. Table of contents. List of figures. List of tables. Introduction. Chapter. Literature on motivation. Selecting the variables. Methodology. Chapter. Description of our population. Analyzing the data. Discussion. Conclusion. Bibliography. Appendix.

The study has been carried out in two parts : questionnaires were given out to the employees working in the line position (operation level) who are directly involved in the calls who are coming and out of the station and also to a few administration workers who are involved in staff management (strategic and tactical level). Two of the administration workers have been interviewed following the questionnaire. This was done with the goal to figure out some certain factors that can be seen by employees that do not belong to the control-room.

Three main hypotheses were raised after extensive literature study and conducted interviews:

1. Is there a connection between job meaning and tenure in the control-room?

2. There is a negative correlation between job satisfaction and tenure.

3. Financial incentives are more important than any other factor between all age groups.

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  • Employee motivation first aid station control room
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