Endengered species.Pandas

Endengered species. Panda. Panda. Bear family species. It‘s WWF (Worl wildlife fund) organisation symbol. How become endangered?. *Destruction of rainforests. *bamboo variety decreasing. *Hunted for fure. Panda‘s appearance. ?black patches around eyes,ear,over body. Food. ?carnivores. ?bamboo,fruits, insects. Where they live?. Mountainous China mainly in Sichuan province. Panda‘s baby. Panda‘s baby weight like a cup. Panda‘s babies back to the wild. Interesting facts ?If. ?Pandas are active in night,in day pandas sleep. The world oldest panda(Bao bao) was born. !If you kill panda in China,you will get the death penalty. How we can protect panda?. *Create wild-life parks. *to punish of killing. Thank you for your attention!
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