Engine structure of a car

Name , surname raimondas , bačiulis. MT . the gr. Engine structure of a car. Introduction. Introduction. Car engines. Car engines. Conclusion. Conclusion. 10 Resources. Resources. Classic reciprocating internal combustion engine structure. The Piston. Piston rings. Connecting rod. The upper head , the lower head , stem , the lower lid , , shell Crankshaft. Distribution Cam shaft. A rotary internal combustion engine. Hybrid engines. The first stroke. The second stroke. The third stroke. The fourth stroke. Internal combustion engine start. FourStroke elementary piston internal combustion engine structure and duty cycle.

 Modern cars are high-tech and high-quality,fulfilling even quite whimsical drivers. On the other hand, perfection there is no limit. During operation, the change in vehicle systems, appliances, equipment, nodes technical condition, so essential to their technical maintenance and repair.Cars are typically used internal combustion or electric motors. Four-stroke (less - two-stroke) petrol and diesel internal combustion piston engines. Less commonly prevalent - gas turbines, rotary (Wankel) engines. Latest vehicles are often used for injection when a flammable mixture is formed by spraying fuel into the air intake pipe. Car engines and used tractors, combines, ships and other small machines sometimes modifying it. In my work I will present the structure of the engine with the car, I will present the most important part of the engine, as well as it‘s working principle.

Car drive power of their plants, which are now deservedly as the engines. Conventional engines, fuel burning it adapted. These type of fuel thermal energy makes energy and power, to give cars images, carries out some work. But now there more pilot cars produced with a used hybrid the plant with several types of engines or new operating principles power plant. In the cars used the rare types of fuel, instead of running processes completely dissimilar to the combustion processes that take place in regular internal combustion engines. The modern car plants can be divided in accordance with the energy the principle of climate change: thermal-mechanical; thermal-electro-mechanical (hybrid); chemical-electro-mechanical (reaktorinės).

Classic Spark-ignition reciprocating VDV consist of four two systems and machines which are installed cylinder block and cylinder block head. System elements can be attached on the outside of the cylinder block.The cylinder block is mounted cylinders, crank the crank mechanism, cylinder block and head - gas distribution mechanism. Latter simultaneous and accurate at the time of the initial movement-oriented special by power received from the crankshaft. Normal engine operationensure power supply, lubrication, cooling and ignition combustion chamber).

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