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England. Geography. Geographically England includes. Climate. England has a. Etymology. England named after the British. General of England. Official language - English Capital. Architecture. Many English live in crowded cities and towns. In 1966.  VIII of England were World Cup in. Sports. English flight. Big Ben - one. Food. British food is very deep roots and strong.

England named after the British, the largest of a number of Germanic tribes who settledin England V and VI centuries, which is believed to originate from Angeln Peninsula, the current Danish and northern German territory.Everyday language, the word "England" is often used incorrectly, England calling all over Great Britain or the United Kingdom.

Official language - EnglishCapital City - LondonThe largest city - LondonHeads of State - Elizabeth IIqueenArea - 130,395 sq km (-).

Many English live in crowded cities and towns. Have a house is expensive, so cities can be seen in a wide variety of buildings - from small homes to large terraces withapartment. Popular Cities house has a common border with a neighbor and his garden.

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