English phrases with examples

I. What is parable? Find and provide examples from any other texts? What is enlightenment? Give examples. What is decadence and barbarism? Why are people losing faith in progress? What are the engines in progress? Why have they failed? What is curiosity? Is it a positive or negative value? Describe and compare a 'moral progress' and 'economic progress'? What is capitalism? Why does business need governing? What does leviathan mean? Why it is associated with governance in the article? Why wealth is not equal to happiness? X. What were orwell and huxley famous for? Describe and give examples of dystopian society? XI. What is democracy? Name the other forms of government? Find statistics concerning the most and the least democratic countries in the world. XII. What is national happiness? Which is the happiest country in the world? How could the sense of happiness should be increased in lithuania? How could the emigration should be stopped from lithuania? XIII. Why is moral progress up to us? XIV. What can we do to prove that we are responsible people, citizens of a democratic society?

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  • English phrases with examples
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