English research about education

Anglų kalba padarytas tyrimas apie išsilavinimą C1 lygio su atsakymais ir rezultatų pasisikirstymo diagramomis. Introduction. Research goal. Research task. Research object. Questionnaire. Your activity. If you are a student on which course you are studying? Your current educational institution. What are you going to do after school? Your attitude to kaunas higher education? About which university have you heard negative information the most? How did you hear about those universities? Do you think there is enough information? What do you think has the most influence in forming image of university? In which university gained knowledge do you think is the best applied in practise? What kind of study do you think is the most popular in lithuania? What are you going to do after university? You are. Your age.

Good education is the most important key to a successful future.We hear many opinions about universities from parents,teachers,we read many articles about them.So I think it is useful to find out what students think about universities.

Research goal:investigate students and graduates atittude to universities in Kaunas.

Research task :to estimate respondent‘s answers and adduce them in chart.

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