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English topic atsakymai. Anglų topics atsakymai. Referat of english bussiness. English referatas. Anglu rasinys success.

Health and Welfare. People and money – two essential ingrediants of business. Take overs. Stocks and shares. Bands. Advantages of debt financing over equity financing. Long term government bonds. Methods of payment in foreign trade. Instrument of payment. Money as a medium of exchange. A written word in business. How to write a good business letter. Commercial correspondence. Telephone calls. Telephone tactics. National stock exchange. Business success and failure. Banking industry. Public finance. Personal finance. Futures, options, swaps. Banks and their services. Buying and selling money. Giving a bank loan. Types of bank accounts. Bank’s profit. Interest. How did banks develop? What is the bank note? List the 6 quantities of a good coinage. Success and failure of the business. A bank is a safe place to keep your money. The main functions of every bank. Functions of the bank of lithuania. How to choose and to open a bank account? Borrowing money from a bank. The transfer. Swift. Typ
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