Enterprise 3 test

Anglų testas.

Than Emily. Annette. She hasn’t got many friends Few Only. call her a friend. There is much sugar in the cupboard Many There. in the cupboard. Perhaps she is sleeping now May She. now. Am sure they are not at work because it is late Can’t They. because it is late. She’d rather go shopping than see the sights Rather She would prefer. see the sights. She likes beach holidays more than city tours To She. city tours. The fridge was delivered this morning Had We. this morning. The hairdresser is doing my hair for the party Having I. for the party. Carpenters were mending his roof, when that happened Mended He. , when that happened.

It was sometime back in the late 80s – I can't (1.to remember) exactly what year but I must (2.to have) a year or two at my solo singing career. By that time I (3.to become) famous for some big hits and a couple of number ones in America. Everything (4.to go) really well.

I remember (7.to think): “OK then, Pretty Woman, what's the script? A billionaire meets a prostitute? Totally unbelievable. Who's in it – Julia Roberts? I (8.to never hear) of her.

I try (13. not to have) regrets. OK, I could (14.to sing) that song but I could (15.to regret) it too. No other artist did it; they can't just (16.to offer) it to me, they must (17.to offer) it to others too. There are some songs you can cover, and I would rather I (18.not to butcher) a few. You simply can’t do them all.

I was in the middle of my little bubble at the time. I (19. certain other things/to offer) and I also said no to them. I do look back and think, hmm, maybe we should (20. to do) that.

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