Enviromental Problems (2)

Enviromental Problems.

I would like to talk about enviroment problems in the world (also in Lithuania ) these days ,what causes them, and what should people do to reduce them.

The first one of the biggest problems is deforestation,which is in Lithuania too .first of all , the biggest reason of this is urbanization. People cutting down more and more trees every year , because number of population is increasing and there is no free space in the cities so they start making new roads and buildings instead of forests. The next reason is – money. People cut down trees to make some money from its products , such as paper, glass and many more. When people do that,they do not realise that they are destroying all ecocystem. To sum up all we should buy recycled or certified wood products, only supporting brands with zero deforestation policies, we could join organization which is against deforestation.

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  • Enviromental Problems (2)
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