Environment issues

Environment issues.

Lithuania environment isn’t very polluted. When Lithuania was a part of Soviet Union in Lithuania was built a lot of polluting factories. The technology wasn’t environment friendly. When Lithuania became free, many factories went bankrupt and were closed. Remaining factories changed their technology and now they are not polluting any more. But despite that polluted environment is still a problem.

The cities are constantly growing and the number of cars is still increasing. So the air in the cities becomes more and more polluted by carbon dioxide and solid particles exhaust by the cars. Another big problem is house heating. A lot of families are building detached or semi-detached houses. The gas heating is becoming more and more expensive so a lot of people are using coal or peat to keep their houses warm. In winter months this makes the quality of air even worse. Despite the eforts of sourrounding countries the Baltic sea is reaming one of the most polluted seas in the world.

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