Environmental Impact Assessment

Introduction. The main objects. The main problems. Conclusions.

The first author of this analysis M.Cashmore maintain that there are two main paradigms with five various models of the role of science in EIA: EIA as applied science - analytical science model and the environmental design model; EIA as civic science - the information provision model, the participation model and the environmental governance model. M.Cashmore state that these models reflect dominant conceptions at different points in time in the evolution of EIA. EIA as applied science is comprehensible like entirely rational process of objective enquiry. The analytical science model is based on a belief in a single logic of explanation for all sciences (Bhaskar, 1979). The second model in this paradigm-the environmental design model is based on perception that EIA is a bureaucratic step and focus on EIA documentation. EIA as civic science is perceived like EIA is a tool for influencing decisions throught the application of a pragmatic, inclusive and deliberate form of science, variously know as transcience or civic science (Weinberg,1972; O‘Riordan, 2001). In the environmental governance model, EIA is perceptible like a decision tool used in environmental governance to empower stakeholders, promote an egalitarian society and foster a very strong (ecocentric) (Turner,1993). The participation model and information provisions model is based on a similar theory that science in analysing the consequence of alternative should be empoyed routinely, but the scientific model is distinctly more pragmatic.

According the M.Cashmore scientific paper about the role of science in EIA there are highlight five distict models.

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