Environmental technology

In the treatment of potable water, an aluminium sulphate solution is used as a coagulant to produce an aluminium hydroxide (sludge) flock. Compute the amount of sludge produced if 70 kg of alum coagulant is used daily. Solution. Mass balance (molecular weights). Еhe equation. If natural gas (97 per cent CH4) is used to fuel a thermal power plant of oxygen required daily to produce 70 MW of power if the calorific value of gas is 42 MJ/kg. Solution. Stoichiometric equations;. Determine the time required for benzene and DDT to vaporise to half their original concentrations from a wastewater treatment plant holding tank of depth 2 m. The mass transfer coefficient for benzene is 0,144 m/h and for DDT is 9, 34 × 10-3 m/h. As a fuel source 42 kg of ethylene (C2H4) is burned with 802 kg of air. Determine the composition of the resulting mixture. Determine the average daily wastewater flow rate and the BOD5 concentration for an urban area composed of. Design a primary settling tank to remove 52 per cent of the SS if the average flow is 2000 m3/day with peak factor. Required circular tank diameter – 14 m. Side wall depth (2,9). What is the corresponding BOD5 reduction?
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