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What is freedom? Probably every person raises the issue. That is difficult to find the goals and undisputed answer. But the book of Mill‘s “On Liberty” to address this issue. He said that the freedom of form has everything from human speech to the nation of freedom. Mill argues that liberty is necessary for everyone, but not too overwhelming. Human freedom can not restrict or interfere with another person’s freedom. Everyone who has the scale and are responsible for their actions must be free to choose where, how, when and what you want to do. Neither religion, nor the government can not eat too human, they are free to rhodium their skills or to express their views.

Once the simple folk man ruled by kings Lord, landlords. These titles were inherited, and generation to generation, or very rarely had to fight to. These officials do everything, only that they themselves would be better without thinking about the folk man. Pot people began to fight for their rights to free life. They found that the state must manage the people they elect themselves, and which may at any time be removed from post clerk. The people is no need to limit his power in the subject of himself, because many years ago, the People’s power was just a dream or read. The people won the right, and now most of the Member elected by the people who represent their country.

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