Essay on economic crisis in Greece

Economy rasinys. Rasinys economic crisis.

Ese anglu kalba apie krize Graikijoje. Maastricht conditions. Financial sovereignty. European bonds.

Nowadays the main threat for the world economy is the crisis of soverign depts of eurozone countries. Situation in eurozone still moves with negative scenario, it is reflected in rating of the world countries, and in such a rating reduction endures not only developing countries but also some leading countries in eurozone. The leaders of france and germany have come up with plans for salvation of eurozone.

Sovereign dept of grees has already been put into restructuring by fiskal markets, in spite of risks, which brought large losses for creditors. Such a step also has a negative impact on other fiscaly weak countries of eurozone. Nowadays these countries are italy and spain, their returns on public dept rising, and it could reach such a level that would be difficult to maintain. Moreover this problem also actual for belgium, to a smaller degree for france and austria. Forecast on 2012 is 97,9% of total public debt according to gdp of eurozone countries, expected total public debt according to gdp of eurozone countries on 2013 is 98,2%. In comperison with 2010 this ratio was 92,9%, and in 2011 it is about 96,5%.

France and germany call for more rapid reform of the eu in order to restore confidence of the euro and eurozone. On 5 december 2011 president of france nicolas sarkozy and chancellor of germany angela merkel had a meeting on which they outlined main points of the reform. France and germany appeal to conclusing of a new contract, that would rules limiting budget deficit and fix the “automatic sanctions” for violation of the contract. These rules would apply to at least 17 eurozone countries.

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