Eu environmental regulations

Eu environmental regulations from business perspective. Comparison with lithuania. Preface. History. An idealistic start 1973 – 1982. Towards the Internal Market 1982 – 1987. Towards environmental policy integration 1987 – 1992. Roll-Back 1992 – 1995. 1997 – 2003: The last wave of environmental regulation? The Sixth EAP “Our Future, Our Choice”. Environmental issues and EU actions for environmental protection. Waste management. Air pollution. Water protection and management. Lithuania. Conclusion. References.

We can clearly understand that the field of environmental issues will become more and more complicated every year, therefore a great improvement in future environmental policies is essential. EU has to ensure that there will be not only development of environmental policies but that those new regulations would not disturb internal market or any other sector too. Looking at the history of EAPs we can say that not only great progress was made but that there is a lot of space for improvement too.

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  • Eu environmental regulations
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