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Of Global and Other Players Andreas List – Brussels, 25 November. Internal policies development aid political Union Lisbon. Enlargement Neighbourhood Policy Development Crisis management Single. Peace + prosperity. Court of justice. Council. TEU Treaty on the European Union TFU Treaty on the Functioning of the Union. Community method majority vote Exclusive Competences e. Presidency. Member States. Declarations - Demarches - Decisions Missions Special Representatives Sanctions. Foreign policy, eu made. Crisis. 1998 Kosovo. Crisis rehabilitation democracy human rights elections development assistance trade policy humanitarian aid impartial. External relations made by the eu. Who is the eu? Aren’t we. pretty? (c) Andreas List. Thank You!

Community method majority vote Exclusive Competences e.g. trade policy Shared Competences e.g. development assistance, JLS Supporting Actions e.g. culture.

1998 kosovo 2001 göteborg eu programme prevention of violent conflict 2003 eu security strategy terrorism, wmd, regional conflict, state failure organised crime priorities police - rule of law – civ admin - civ protection monitoring- support eusr.

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