European women still earning less than men

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European women still earning less than men. Equal Pay. Occupational segregation where women and men are concentrated in different jobs.The effect of caring responsibilities on women’s working patterns. Pay discrimination where pay systems are unfair to women employees. Women and Work Commission. How men’s and women’s education and skills affect which jobs they can get; How can we close the pay gap? Action across Europe to close the pay gap. Reference.

There is a role to play for Government, employers and trade unions. Pay reviews are a good way to tackle the causes of the pay gap, because carrying out a pay review can help employers, both in the public and private sector, identify occupational segregation and uncover discriminatory pay systems, but they are not the whole solution. The EOC believes a private sector duty to eliminate discrimination, and promote equality would help address the pay gap. Far from adding an additional regulatory burden, this would simplify and modernize the law and reduce the risk of tribunal cases.

The EOC also believes flexible working will help parents and carers balance work and caring responsibilities, as well as benefiting employers by securing a more committed, less stressed workforce.

The EOC furthermore believes Governments should set a good example of active policy to promote equality between women and men. Public sectors in the EU are often leaders in good gender equality practices. In many countries the gender pay gap in the public sector has been narrower than in the private sector. The EOC therefore welcomes the legislation in the UK which will place a duty on public bodies to promote equality between women and men.

Cover all branches of industry, so as to make it possible to analyze wages on both women’s and men’s work

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  • European women still earning less than men
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