Europian Integration

Jana amose komenskeho university of prague. European economic integration lithuania in the european union. Our Europe - strong ties between people. Social Europe - opportunities and well being. Competitive Europe - a free and effective internal market. The single currency - further EU integration. EU budget - to solve common problems. Progress in Europe - information society , research and development of new ideas. A Secure Europe - an integrated and efficient energy. Sustainable Europe - a clean environment , sustainable transport and rural development. Europe without borders - the area of freedom , security and justice. A united Europe - a strong voice in the world. Positive aspects. Negative aspects.

Lithuania's EU policy purpose - to actively participate in the decision-making process and to make these decisions are consistent with national and common interests of the EU, to contribute to Lithuania safety and welfare of citizens, state and creation of better conditions for the development of society. It is important that Lithuania's further integration into the EU between Lithuanian and other EU nationals togetherness feeling consolidate the existence of broad relations, and the state would be governed according to the fundamental European democracy and good governance.

Lithuania's European Union policy vision - a safe, prosperous, active and responsible Lithuania anchored in the European Union. For this to happen, fix the Lithuanian European Union Policy for 2008-2015 strategic directions:

Our Europe - strong ties between people: to strengthen their co-operation with other EU Member States and the citizens to contribute to the European public sphere, glorify Lithuania in the European Union, to promote the European Union and its Member States Lithuania expanding professional, cultural, regional, academic, and other relationships, fully inform the public about the EU and Lithuania's membership therein opportunities to encourage people to actively exercise the rights granted by the EU's interests defend;

The single currency - further EU integration: to support the development of the euro area to ensure a high sustainable economic convergence and become a full member of the Economic and Monetary Union a member of the single currency;

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