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Who we are. Euroapotheca is a. Employs more than 2000 employees and serves more than 28 million customers per year. Our mission. Our strategy is. Considering the challenging and global business environment of the present-day. We help clients. We in figures. 7,9% growth of turnover is projected in. Goods. Medicines vitamins supplements cosmetics hygiene products orthopaedic products baby food. Competitors. Camelia pharmacy Gintarinė pharmacy Norfos pharmacy Ramunėlės pharmacy Šeimos pharmacy. Competitive Advantages. Low prices Many. The end.

We help clients here and right now we are one step ahead we have strong brand we are trusted business partner we are desirable employer we take every opportunity.

7,9% growth of turnover is projected in 2013.

Low prices Many stock Permanent discount with Loyalty Card The best-known brand Self-service "Drive" service.

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