Evaluation and prediction of Global problems

List of figures. Introduction. Theoretical part. Fiscal crises. Failure of a major financial mechanism/institution. Structurally high unemployment/underemployment. Severe income disparity Poverty and Food crises. Water crises. Environmental Risks. Political and social instability. Conclusions of theoretical part. Practical part. Africa in the shadow of Global problems. Unemployment. Poverty. Climate change and water scarcity. Solutions. Conclusions of practical part. References.

Structure of work:

The work consists of theoretical part, where the main global problems and their causes are presented and practical part, which shows current situation of global problems in particular country.

Objectives of theoretical part:

1.Identify and evaluate the biggest global problems and their affect to the world.

2.Estimate what causes them and give possible solutions

Objectives of practical part:

1.Choose country and analyze the global problems effect on it.

2.Give present and possible solutions of global problems solving in chosen country.

Work process:

For theoretical background scientific literature and articles are analyzed, while for practical part global problems are presented from particular country, by using its quantitative and qualitative data.

The Africa`s continent is hugely shaped by the global problems. Looking at them from the perspective of Africa leads to folowing results:

•The biggest problems in Africa in recent years is extremely big poverty, unemployment, esspecialy among youth, climate change leading to water scarcity, social and political instability.

•The main reasons leading Africa to such situation is mainly because of poor education level, lack of adequate skills by the workers, racial discrimination, and lack of political stability or fluctuations in the economy.

•To fight these problems adequate and conscious efforts should be made, for example to ensure improvements in the education and training provided to young people, with a greater focus on vocational skills and training, generate more jobs, implement innovative policies, strengthen institutions and improve government activities in order to deliver sustained growth and development. Also to reduce environmental problems like climate change and water scarcity an enabling policy framework covering good management and planning shoul be provided, Africa`s governments need to invest more in climate and meteorological information; biophysical monitoring; and early warning, preparedness and response mechanisms, and integrate such data into their planning.

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  • Evaluation and prediction of Global problems
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