Evoliution of computer

The evolution of the computer to the 21st century. The first mechanical computer. The first programmatic computer. The first electronic computer. The first commercial computer. IBM beginning of the road in the computer market. The first mini-computer. The first really small computer. The first Apple computers. Multimedia computers.

The evolution of the computer to the 21st century.

Present was prepared by: Monika Meiliūnaitė ir Monika Rakauskaitė IV b.

The first world of computers was invented 1613. They were designed to perform certain calculations and tasks. True, the first computers were massive, took a lot of space, and today they are really not uninteresting comfortable. Only time their form, function, and purpose of major changes.

Computer software developer can store a German Konrad Zuse, who first electromechanical binary "Z1" computer created in 1938. The new German invention, each word was for 22 bits of memory, and clock frequency was 1 Hz. Konrad Zuse created and more similar inventions that have helped to understand and model the technical documentation, but they never become truly useful and functional.

In 1953, IBM has blossomed computer manufacturing. The company introduced the first mass-produced electronic computer, and a little later, and the first personal computer, the IBM PC. New IBM invention was functional, it could fit 16 KB of information. In addition, it takes place in the video processor and the floppy disk.

The smaller size of the first computer introduced Digital Corporation. New to their work came to light in the 1960s and was named "the PDP-1 computer.

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