Exploding head sindrome

Exploding head syndrome. Content. Exploding head syndrome. Causes. Symptoms. Treatment/Prevention. Control your stress. Keep a sleep journal. Avoid fatigue episodes. Eat a healthy balance diet. Use medications. Perks Of A Good Night's Sleep. You Will Look Prettier. You Will Eat Less. You Will Make Better Decisions. You Can Ease Bad Memories. You Could Learn Better. You Can Be More Organized. You Will Exercise Better. You'll Be Easier To Get Along With. Your Immunity Will Be Boosted. Thank you for your attention! Used sources.

Definition Causes Symptoms Treatment/Prevention 9 Perks Of A Good Night's Sleep.

Abnormality of the heart rate; The muscle spasms; Auditory hallucinations; Panic episodes; Depression; Video static flash of light; Palpitations; Shortness of breath; Buzzing sensation; Insomnia.

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  • Exploding head sindrome
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