Extra money

Nowadays most teenagers want to earn extra money because they have so much expenses and their pocket money is too small. So, if you are one of them take a part-time job. It is so much choises what you can do.

Firstly, you can wash cars. Of course, I want to say that: be ready to work a lot and it may not be the most exiting job in the world, but the money is good. Secondly, work in the garden is not badly paid too. There in the summer you mow lawns, trim hedges, during the autumn you rake leaves, in the winter you shovel snow. These days most people have their own garden, but they dont have time to care it. So, your service can be very valuable. What is more, if you like animals, you can be a dog walker. Dogs need to get out a lot and sometimes their owners are on holiday.

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