Extrusion of cold metal working

Investigation Of Cold Working Extrusion Of Soft Metal Background. Table of results Features of equipment and results of extrusion. Container inner diameter. Die diameter. Deformation degree

In the process known as extrusion the ingot is forced to flow, under pressure, through a shaped ofifice, or die in a similar manner to the flow of tooth paste from the tube. It is possible to extrude almost infinite variety of sectional shapes, including hollow sections, from solid ingots.

A high pressure is needed for extrusion, but in the direct extrusion the pressure is not uniform. When the hydraulic ram starts moving the presure increases rapidly. When the process continues fricion decreases between the walls and the pressure also decreases.

Objectives: To learn the changes taking place in metal at cold extrusion processing, to be introduced to technology of extrusion and to determine main factors of extrusion.

On one of the experimetnal billet plane with the help of the marker draw grid (4x4(mm))

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  • Extrusion of cold metal working
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