Factors influencing willingness to travel

Introduction. Theoretical framework. Factors. Hypothesis. Alternative ways of quantitative measuring. Selecting methods. Data summary. Calculations and results. Conclusions. Additional information.

Abstract. This individual course project focuses on examination of factors influencing willingness to travel. Travel industry is competitive and also demanded, which leads to the conclusion that these factors are essential to a number of business sectors. Hence, I will investigate and analyze the learnt data obtained by the answers of the questionnaires by applying multiple correspondence analysis.

Services provided to the customer during the process of travelling are essential to the quality of travel industry and the profitability of the industry’s businesses. Most enterprises providing these services divide the potential customers into segments (it is impossible to customize the service and satisfy individual needs of each consumer, as well as providing the same services to all the potential consumers would be inefficient and would decrease the demand) which helps to provide high quality services without the decrease in demand. These segments and provided services differences in features are based on the factors influencing people’s choices in travel decisions.

The main aim of this research is to interpret the information about factors which influence people’s in Lithuania willingness to travel.

My project includes a questionnaire as a material as well but differently from Bangkok example, I will apply logistic regression model to determine which factors influence whether people travel much or not.

Fundamental factors influencing readiness to travel are nearly analogical as factors influencing decision making of foreign tourists in selecting services by travel agent in Bangkok. These are the following:

Gender – analyzing if gender has an impact on motivation to travel;

Income – analyzing what impact income has on motivation to travel since it is an important aspect of every person’s entertainment choices;

Education – analyzing what impact education has on motivation to travel as intelligence is commonly referred with broad minds, views and desire of knowledge and experience;

Age – analyzing what impact age has on motivation to travel considering the fact that, for example, the majority of youth lacks of resources (e.g. money), and the majority of retirees have more time compared to middle aged people hence the latter have probably the busiest daily routines and life in general;

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